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Welcome to 1Life International Realty. We are a full-service luxury real estate brokerage with a worthy point of difference. 51% of 1Life's International Broker commission generated out of every sales deal will be donated to charities of our clients' choice. Why 51%? We believe that giving back to others is of greater importance than 1Life's share of profit. Our clients can be content knowing that by choosing 1Life they can fund the charity of their choice while at the same time receiving exceptional real estate brokerage services. We strive to understand our clients' lifestyle including their real estate needs and philanthropic interests. We share our clients' need to make a difference.

1LifeInternational 888 Biscayne BLVD, Suite 4308, Miami, FL 33132 786.566.9928 Info@1LifeInternational.com

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